Q&A – Replacement of CREST with Euroclear Bank for electronic settlement of trading in Ryanair Holdings plc’s Ordinary Shares – view the document

EGM Information:

Time & Date: 9.00am on 17 December 2020

Ryanair Dublin Office

Airside Business Park


Co Dublin

K67 NY94

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2020 EGM Circular
2020 EGM Voting Results
Constitution of Ryanair Holdings plc marked to show the changes proposed to be made by Resolution 2 (Circular reference s.6(a) of Part 1B)
Notification of Statements - Letter to EB (dated 4 November 2020) (Circular reference s.6(b) of Part 1B)
Letter from EB to Issuer pre-migration - Ryanair Holdings plc (dated 5 November 2020) (Circular reference s.6(c) of Part 1B)
Section 6(4) notice (Circular reference s.6(d) of Part 1B)
Migration Guide (October 2020) (Circular reference s.6(i) of Part 1B)
EB Rights of Participants Document (July 2017) (Circular reference s.6(h) of Part 1B)
Euroclear Terms and Conditions (April 2019) (Circular reference s.6(e) of Part 1B)
The Operating Procedures of the Euroclear System (October 2020) (Circular reference s.6(f) of Part 1B)
Euroclear Bank as Issuer CSD for Irish corporate securities - Service Description (Circular reference s.6(g) of Part 1B)
CREST Reference Manual (July 2020) (Circular reference s.6(j) of Part 1B)
CREST International Manual (September 2020) (Circular reference s.6(k) of Part 1B)
CREST Manual - CREST Rules (November 2019)
CREST CCSS Operations Manual
CREST Application Procedure - Becoming a client 10 point guide
CREST Application Procedure - Becoming a client EUI
CREST Application Procedure - EUI Contact Card
CREST Glossary of Terms
CREST Manual - CREST Central Counterparty Service Manual (June 2019)
The CREST Terms and Conditions (August 2020)
2020 EGM Proxy Form
EGM Shareholder Cover Letter dated 17 November 2020

Total Number of Shares and Voting Rights

The total number of Ordinary Shares of €0.006 each in Ryanair Holdings PLC in issue as at 24 November 2020, being the date of the publication of the Notice of the Extraordinary General Meeting, was 1,126,380,028. Each Ordinary Share carries one vote. Accordingly, the total number of voting rights was 1,126,380,028.