Dividend Information

Ryanair Holdings plc is pleased to announce that the FY24 interim dividend of €0.175 per ordinary share will be payable to shareholders on the register of members at close of business on 19 January, 2024. The dividend will be paid on 28 February, 2024.

Dividends Payments

Dividends will be paid in euro to all shareholders. Shareholders holding their shares via the central securities depository operated by Euroclear Bank or via CREST will receive dividends electronically via such systems.

However, in order to avoid inconvenience to overseas certificated shareholders when negotiating euro cheques, the Company has arranged that its registrar, Link Registrars Limited (the “Registrar”), will provide an International Payments Service (“IPS”), whereby dividends can be paid to those shareholders in their local currency. If shareholders wish to have their dividend paid in a currency other than Euro then they must complete an IPS mandate which can be obtained from the registrar and will be available on their website https://www.linkgroup.eu/get-in-touch/shareholders-in-irish-companies/. This election form must be completed and received by Link Registrars Limited, PO Box 7117, Dublin 2, Ireland (By Post) or to Link Registrars Limited, Suite 149, The Capel Building, Mary’s Abbey, Dublin 7, D07 DP79, Ireland (by hand during normal business hours) by close of business on 26 January, 2024.

For certificated shareholders, dividends will be paid by cheque and will be sent by ordinary post on 27 February, 2024. Alternatively, if you are in the Single Euro Payments Area (“SEPA”) you can update your bank details on the Registrar’s share portal www.signalshares.com. You will need your Investor Code (“IVC”) to register on the portal and this can be found on your share certificate.

Dividend Withholding Tax (DWT) currently deducted at a rate of 25%, must be deducted from dividends paid by an Irish resident company, unless a shareholder is entitled to an exemption and has submitted a properly completed exemption form to the Registrar. Non-resident shareholders and certain Irish companies, trusts, pension schemes, investment undertakings and charities may be entitled to claim exemption from DWT. Copies of the form may be obtained online from the Irish Revenue Commissioners. Shareholders should note that DWT will be deducted from dividends in cases where a properly completed form has not been received by the market deadline date for a dividend, which is Friday, 26 January 2024 in this case. Individuals who are resident in Ireland for tax purposes are not entitled to an exemption. If shares are held via Euroclear Bank or via CREST, the owners of the shares will need to contact the intermediary through whom the shares are held to ascertain their arrangements and cut-off times for tax relief for eligible investors to be applied at source.