Nationality Declaration

Nationality Declaration

Ryanair is required to be majority owned and effectively controlled by EU nationals as defined by Regulation (EC) No 1008/2008. Accordingly, the Articles of Association of Ryanair Holdings plc, the parent company of the Ryanair Group, contain powers which may be used to limit the number of, or the exercise of voting and other rights attaching to, shares in which non-EU nationals own interests or, if necessary, to require their disposal, or to restrict the transferability of such shares.

A transfer of Ryanair Holdings plc’s shares in certificated form cannot be registered unless the Nationality Declaration Form set out at the link below has been completed and furnished to the Registration Department of Link Registrars Limited, PO Box 7117 Dublin 2, Ireland.

For transfers of Ryanair Holdings plc’s shares held in uncertificated form, including interests in shares that are held via Belgian law rights in the Euroclear Bank system, or via CREST depositary interests through the CREST system, Ryanair accepts completion of the relevant input field with an ISO compliant ISO 3166 country code in accordance with the processes and procedures of Euroclear Bank, or Euroclear UK & Ireland, as the case may be, as equivalent to the completion, execution and furnishing of the declarations as set out in the Nationality Declaration Form. By inputting the relevant country code, you are declaring your nationality or the nationality of any beneficial owner(s) of or other persons having an interest in the shares to which the declaration relates (as applicable) as if the Nationality Declaration Form had been completed in respect of such shares.

If you are in any doubt as to how to complete the Nationality Declaration or your nationality position, you should consult your own legal and/or other professional advisers.

For further information on restrictions that apply to Ryanair Holdings plc’s shares, interests in which are beneficially held by non-EU nationals, click here.