Payment details for any future special dividends will be shown here.

Schedule of Capital Returns

FY 2020Buyback 11€700m
FY 2018/19Buyback 10€750m
FY 2018Buyback 9€639m
FY 2017Buyback 8€550m
FY 2016/17Buyback 7€886m
FY 2016Special Distribution€398m
FY 2016Buyback 6€400m
FY 2015Special Div 3€520m
FY 2014Buyback 5€482m
FY 2013Special Div 2€492m
FY 2013Buyback 4€67m
FY 2012Buyback 3€125m
FY 2011Special Div 1€500m
FY 2009Buyback 2€46m
FY 2008Buyback 1€300m
Total Shareholder Returns€6,855m