Michael O'Leary (Group Chief Executive Officer)

Michael has served as a Director of Ryanair DAC since 1988 and a Director of Ryanair Holdings since 1996. Michael was appointed CEO of Ryanair in 1994 and Group CEO in April 2019, having previously served as CFO since 1988.

Neil Sorahan

Neil Sorahan (Group Chief Financial Officer)

Neil was appointed Group CFO in October 2019, having previously served as Ryanair’s CFO from October 2014. Prior to this he was Ryanair’s Finance Director since June 2006 and Treasurer from January 2003. Before joining Ryanair, Neil held various finance and treasury roles at CRH plc.

Juliusz Komorek

Juliusz Komorek (Group Chief Legal & Regulatory Officer; Company Secretary)

Juliusz was appointed Group CLO; Company Secretary in late 2019 having previously served as Ryanair’s Chief Legal & Regulatory Officer; Company Secretary from May 2009 and Deputy Director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs since 2007. Prior to joining the Company in 2004, Juliusz had gained relevant experience in the European Commission’s Directorate General for Competition and in the Polish Embassy to the EU in Brussels, as well as in the private sector in Poland and the Netherlands. Juliusz is a lawyer, holding degrees from the universities of Warsaw and Amsterdam.

Eddie Wilson

Eddie Wilson (CEO Ryanair DAC)

Eddie was appointed Ryanair CEO in September 2019, having previously served as Ryanair’s CPO since December 2002. Prior to this he served as Head of Personnel since December 1997. Before joining Ryanair, Eddie was the Human Resources Manager for Gateway 2000 and held a number of other human resources-related positions in the Irish financial services sector.

Carol Sharkey

Carol Sharkey (Chief Risk Officer)

Carol was appointed Chief Risk Officer in May 2018 having held the position of Director of Safety and Security since 2014. She has worked at Ryanair since 1995 having previously held roles in inflight, flight operations and in recent years has overseen the flight safety department.

Tracey McCann

Tracey McCann (CFO Ryanair DAC)

Tracey was appointed Ryanair CFO in January 2020 having previously served as Ryanair’s Director of Finance. She joined Ryanair in 1991 and has held various senior finance roles.

Andreas Gruber

Andreas Gruber (Lauda Joint CEO)

Andreas was appointed CEO of Lauda in early 2018. Prior to that, he held various operational and network planning roles within the Aerberlin Group. Andreas remained as CEO of Lauda following its acquisition by the Ryanair Group and is currently Lauda’s Joint CEO.

David O’Brien

David O'Brien (CEO Malta Air & Joint CEO Lauda)

David was appointed Joint CEO Lauda in April 2020 and CEO of Malta Air in December 2020, having previously served as Ryanair’s CCO since January 2014. Prior to that David was Ryanair’s Director of Flight and Ground Operations from December 2002. A graduate of the Irish Military College, David followed a military career with positions in the airport sector and agribusiness in the Middle East, Russia and Asia.

Michal Kaczmarzyk

Michal Kaczmarzyk (Buzz CEO)

Michal was appointed CEO of Buzz in April 2017. Prior to joining Buzz, Michal served as the General Director of the Polish Airports State Company and CEO of Warsaw Chopin Airport. A former CEO of LS Airport Services and supervisory board member of Euro LOT Airline, Krakow Airport and Gdansk Airport, Michal also held roles with the Polish Industrial Development Agency, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and PwC.

John Hurley

John Hurley (Chief Technology Officer)

John was appointed CTO in September 2014. He joined Ryanair from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, where he was Vice-President of Engineering and Product Operations, Director of Platform Development and Software Development Program Manager. He was previously Production Manager at both Intuition Publishing Ltd and Education Multimedia Group and has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry.

The following table sets forth certain information concerning the executive officers of Ryanair Holdings and Ryanair.

Michael O'Leary60Group CEO
Neil Sorahan49Group CFO
Juliusz Komorek43Group CLO; Co. Secretary
Edward Wilson57Ryanair CEO
Carol Sharkey46Chief Risk Officer
Tracey McCann47Ryanair CFO
Andreas Gruber36Lauda Joint CEO
David O'Brien57Malta Air CEO & Lauda Joint CEO
Michal Kaczmarzyk42Buzz CEO
John Hurley46CTO