Mr Stan McCarthy

Mr Stan McCarthy (Non Exec Chairman)

Stan McCarthy was appointed as a Director of Ryanair in May 2017, Deputy Chairman in April 2019 and Chairman in June 2020. Mr. McCarthy was Chief Executive of Kerry Group plc from January 2008 until September 2017. Mr. McCarthy joined Kerry Group in 1976 and worked in a number of finance roles before being appointed as Vice President of Sales and Marketing in the USA in 1991, as President of Kerry North America in 1996 and as a Director of Kerry Group in 1999. Mr. McCarthy is an investor, advisor and Board member of a number of privately-owned companies in diverse industries. An acute philanthropist in both Ireland and the US, he donates to various organizations in health, education and poverty reduction. He has dual Irish and U.S. citizenship.

Ms Louise Phelan

Ms Louise Phelan (Non Exec SID)

Louise Phelan has served as a Director since December 2012 and was appointed Senior Independent Director (SID) in June 2020. Ms. Phelan is currently Group CEO of the Phelan Energy Group. Prior to that, Ms. Phelan was Vice President of PayPal, leading a global team in Continental Europe, Middle East and Africa, having previously spent 16 years with General Electric in various leadership roles. She is an Irish citizen.

Ms Roisin Brennan

Ms Roisin Brennan (Non Exec)

Roisin Brennan has served as a Director since May 2018. Ms. Brennan is a former Chief Executive of IBI Corporate Finance Ltd where she had extensive experience advising public companies in Ireland. She is currently a Non-Executive Director of Hibernia REIT plc, Musgrave Group plc, Glanbia plc and Dell Bank International DAC having previously been a Non-Executive Director of DCC plc from 2005 until 2016. She is an Irish Citizen.

Mr Michael Cawley

Mr Michael Cawley (Non Exec)

Michael Cawley has served as a Director since September 2014. Mr. Cawley previously worked with Ryanair for 17 years as Ryanair’s Deputy CEO and Chief Operating Officer until he retired in March 2014. Mr. Cawley’s other Non-Executive Directorships include Flutter Entertainment plc, Kingspan Group plc and Hostelworld Group plc. He is an Irish citizen.

Ms Emer Daly

Ms Emer Daly (Non Exec)

Emer Daly has served as a Director of Ryanair since December 2017. Ms. Daly is currently Board Chairman at RSA Insurance Ireland DAC and a Non-Executive Director of Chetwood Financial Limited and RGA International Reinsurance Company DAC. Ms. Daly previously served as a Non-Executive Director of Permanent TSB Group plc and as a Director of Payzone plc. Ms. Daly also held senior roles with PwC and AXA Insurance for over 20 years. She is an Irish citizen.

Mr Howard Millar

Mr Howard Millar (Non Exec)

Howard Millar was appointed as a Director of Ryanair in August 2015.  Mr. Millar had served as Ryanair’s Deputy CEO and Chief Financial Officer from 2003 to December 2014 having previously been Director of Finance from 1993 and Financial Controller in 1992. Mr. Millar currently serves as CEO of Sirius Aviation Capital Holdings Ltd. Mr. Millar is a member of Irelandia Aviation’s advisory board and a Non-Executive Director of Viva Latinamerica the holding company for the airlines Viva Colombia and Viva Peru. He is an Irish citizen.

Mr R.A. (Dick) Milliken

Mr R.A. (Dick) Milliken (Non Exec)

Dick Milliken has served as a Director since July 2013 having previously been Chief Financial Officer of Almac Group and former Chief Executive of Lamont plc. He is a former council member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland. Mr. Milliken is Chairman of Lotus Group. He is Director of a number of private companies. He is a British citizen.

Mr Mike O’Brien

Mr Mike O’Brien (Non Exec)

Mike O’Brien was appointed as a Director of Ryanair in May 2016. Mr. O’Brien was Head of Flight Operations Inspectorate with the Maltese Civil Aviation Authority until he retired in 2016, having previously spent 10 years as the Head of Operating Standards with the Irish Aviation Authority until 2001. Mr. O’Brien served 4 years as the Chief Pilot and Flight Operations Manager of Ryanair from 1987 to 1991. He is an Irish citizen.

Mr Michael O’Leary

Mr Michael O’Leary (Exec)

Michael O’Leary has served as a director of Ryanair since 1988 and a director of Ryanair Holdings since July 1996. He was appointed chief executive officer of Ryanair in 1994.

Ms Julie O’Neill

Ms Julie O’Neill (Non Exec)

Julie O’Neill has served as a Director since December 2012. She was Secretary General of the Irish Department of Transport from 2002 to 2009 and served in eight Government Departments over the course of 37 years in the Irish public service. She is Chairperson of The Convention Centre Dublin, a Non-Executive Director of AXA Life Europe, XL Insurance Company SE and Architas Multi-manager Europe Ltd. and a Senior Advisor at AMP Capital (U.K.) Ltd. She previously chaired the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland and served as Senior Independent Director of Permanent tsb Group plc. She is an Irish citizen.

Mr Stan McCarthy (a)(b)63Non Exec Chairman
Ms Louise Phelan (a)(b)54Non Exec SID
Ms Roisin Brennan (c)(e)56Non Exec
Mr Michael Cawley (a)(e)67Non Exec
Ms Emer Daly (c)58Non Exec
Mr Mike O'Brien (d)77Non Exec
Mr Howard Millar (a)(b)59Non Exec
Mr Dick Milliken (c)70Non Exec
Mr Michael O'Leary (a)(f)60Exec
Ms Julie O'Neill (e)65Non Exec

(a) Member of the Executive Committee.

(b) Member of the Nomination Committee.

(c) Member of the Audit Committee.

(d) Member of the Air Safety Committee.

(e) Member of the Remuneration Committee.

(f) Mr. O’Leary is also the Group Chief Executive Officer of Ryanair Holdings and Ryanair. None of the other directors are executive officers of Ryanair Holdings or Ryanair.